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Hope - Initiating Vision & Change

Health and Other Subjects - Great material for everyone.

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A Design for Living Curriculum
The Lifetime Books Masters
Complete Curriculum, includes, Core Design for Living Curriculum and three-book set, 1/2 VHS, approx. 20-37 min. ea.
Item Number MD2020, ISBN

Deliver effective masters education, practice, and aftercare, manage caseloads efficient...

A Ghost in the Closet
Is There an ...
Author:  Dale Mitchel
Softcover, 304 pp.
Item Number 111, ISBN 1-56838-570-6

"It is not called willpower when someone sits alone at home for days ...

A Matter of Balance
Personal Strategies for ...
Author:  Micheal E. Holstein
Author:  William E. Cohen
Author:  Paul J. Steinbroner
Softcover, 176 pp.
Item Number 222, ISBN 0-926544-12-8
Description: Prevention is where science and hope meet to make a promise.  The promise of prevention is that...

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