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Your Pathway

Very few people make their way through life without the need for a significant personal change at some point. For some - like alcoholics, addicts or codependents the need is critical, the change required major. For others, the need may be a continually simmering desire to fill an inner space with new meaning or to breakout out of a self-imposed personal isolation.

Lifetime Books products are organized along Your Pathway to Hope, Health, and Abundant Living.

If you need HOPE, resources in these categories can help you assess your current position, start to determine if you need outside help, develop a personal change program, or discover a caring community of like-minded people.

Our HEALTH categories address barriers to continued personal development like stress or other chronic conditions while promoting healthy living choices in areas like physical and emotional relaxation and nutrition. These categories also promote healthy living with resources for substance abuse and violence prevention at home, in school, and at work.

ABUNDANT LIVING categories expand your horizons as the promises of hope and health evolve in your life. These categories of resources can help foster a deeper spirituality, develop a truer understanding of the underlying forces at work in your life, or introduce wholistic lifestyle practices, such as gardening, yoga and meditation.

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