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Privacy Statement

Policy on Website Confidentiality and Security

Assuring the security and confidentiality of Lifetime Books and Lifetime Books Web site visitors is an important concern to us, as well as to the Internet at-large. Here is how we pledge to protect your privacy and ensure the highest level of security possible:

Lifetime Books does NOT:

  • provide or release names, e-mail addresses, or postal addresses to any third party (you should be aware, however, that certain state and federal laws may require that we report certain information from time to time)
  • track or report on any individual registrant's activity on the site

Lifetime Books uses the data to:

  • ensure you are sent the information you have requested and only what you have requested
  • measure global, not individual site activity
  • develop new services: Cookie technology helps us learn which features and services are important to our visitors. This helps us determine how to improve and further develop our site. Cookies also allow customers to place orders in our on-line bookstore or to take part in chats. Please read our article on cookies for more information

Lifetime Books provides Internet security by:

  • hosting our site on a secure server. No other company or organization shares the server we use to store information
  • creating secure areas of the Web site for the transfer of confidential information such as your credit card number in our on-line bookstore. When using Netscape, for example, you'll know an area of the site is secure when the broken key in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen becomes a whole key

    Finally, talk to us. If you have additional questions or concerns about security on the site or the use of cookies, please let us know.

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